Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

(again with the LJ problems?!)

Ugh. Morning meeting at work, so I had to be in at 830. Those of you who have to be in consistantly at 8 or sooner, I know you have no sympathy, but I'm not used to it. Morning person, Mark is not.

Let's see. Monday was just a day, nothing stands out in the memory. Tuesday, once again, just a day. All 13 episodes of Battlestar Galactica arrived in my BitTorrent directory. And a package from Fantagraphics showed up in the shipping. Funky graphic goodness. (Including colleencoover's "Small Favors Collection #2").

Tuesday evening, last night, was the weekly Knuth. We reviewed MIX, the funky and ANCIENT machine language he uses in the books. It made my head hurt. I understand that in the next edit

Today, like I said, up early, for a recurring meeting. But I got to duck out of work earlier than usual, to go see my dentist. Groan. After years of being ok, this time I have a bunch of little cavities eating in around my existing fillings, so I will go back next week to get them filled.

Piano lesson is in 10 minutes.

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