Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


The piano salon came off well. There were about a dozen us, and also three "proud parents" (one of the students was a 10yo boy with a knack for improvisation, and another who was a 16yo girl). I played my Schumann piece decently well. My ears are getting better faster than my fingers, so the better I get, the more aware I become of "the little things that made the big difference", and the more critical I get of my own performance.

Went up to jezel's and used my cargo space to help her haul a couple of cubic yards of "stuff" to the local thrift.

Early in the evening, I swallowed a melatonin and forced myself to sleep, to try to roll my schedule up, and break the "wake up at ten in the morning" I've been doing last week. But I woke up at midnight, and couldn't get back to the land of Nod until four. So, again, this Monday morning, I got up at, you guessed it. Ten.

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