Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


The name of last night's anime was Kannaduki No Miko. It was sweet without being saccrine, and appeals to the romantic in me, but it's flaws would rapidly cause me to reach breaking point w.r.t. enjoying it.

Have done several sessions of piano practice today, and I'm still not comfortable or confident in the piece. The salon is tomorrow at 2.

Went out with a friend for a while this afternoon, mainly to be her bodyguard at a photoshot, a gig she discovered on Craig's List. The guy running the gig was nice and polite, and had a good camera

If I had seen this condo for sale when I was housing hunting, I would have been sorely tempted.

This evening was a white elephant party at krows house-under-renovation in CapHill. I brought the coffee grinder (still new-in-box, unused) that I got at a white elephant party a couple of years ago, and left with a "vampire kit" (a set of fake fangs, a plastic rosarie, and an 'evil eye' toy). The most popular gift was the book How To Be A Villian.

Kiddi and Birki are snuggled up next to me on the freshly laundered polarfleece quilt. Kiddi has a wet nose.

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