Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


On Wednesdays, usually what I do if I don't have other errands in Seattle, is leave work at half past three, so as to avoid commuter traffic on the 520 bridge (to my non-Seattle readers, "eastside" where I live, and "Seattle" are seperated by Lake Washington. Two floating bridges cross the lake. One is I90, and the other is US520), go to the Greenwood neighborhood, and then pick up a late lunch at a gyro shop, and then enjoy my meal and internet access at ,Chocolati Café.

This day, my usual gyro shop was closed, but brand new greek deli had opened up down the street. Literally new, I think this was their first week. Yummy stuff.

The piano lesson was tough. I have a lot of work to be ready for the salon on Sunday afternoon.

Afterwards, I hooked up with jezel at Northgate. A camera shop there was having a deep discount sale. FerEx, they were unloading for fifteen bucks a dohickey that read CompactFlash cards and printed them out on Instant Polariod stock. I didn't even know you could still buy Polaroid supplies. I passed. But I did get framing and matting to hang jatg's holiday present.

Also, I finally finally elected to upgrade my `phone. From a chunkly old TDMA AT&T Nokia 5160 that I've had since 2000, to a shiny new Cingular GSM Nokia 3120. I pay a little bit more per month, but it adds call forwarding, free nationwide roaming, unused minute rollover, SMS send, and it gets a much better signal (full bars) at my home. I dont "geek toy" as much as most geeks, I'm rather relatively frugal and conservative w.r.t. my "carry around" electronics.

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