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Mark Atwood
Movie review, American Beauty wherein a man has a midlife crisis, channels a little bit of Tyler Durden, and hijinks ensue
Today's NetFlix was American Beauty. It's a middle-class middle-age man having a mid-life crisis story, but it's a decently good mid-life crisis story.

The final and the final final deal with the next-door neighbor father was heavily handedly telegraphed, that his hated of gay peopel was because he was a repressed self-hating homosexual himself. The symbolism indicator of the rose pedals and bright red objects was also pretty obvious. I'm glad that when she finally offers herself to him, Lester decides not to boink Angela after all but that's probably my moralistic upbringing.

There are lots of reviews about how it was really about how it really about how it "denounces the hypocrisy of a society obsessed with an outer appearance of success but is eaten away by frustration on the inside, thus destroying a certain American Dream. Here, Puritanism, patriotism, empowerment, and corporate America will not be spared" but that's all just self-important critic moonbat bullshit.

I wouldn't have paid to see it, but it was worth seeing, just for contemporary cultural literacy.

Due to some references it made, I do think I may add Re-Animator to my `flix queue.
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From: samildanach Date: January 17th, 2005 09:15 am (UTC) (Link)
"Re-Animator" is worth watching just for its B-movie glee. I hadn't known it has the scene "American Beauty" references until we actually watched it.
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