Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Today, birthday party for omahas

elfs has been planning a surprise birthday party for omahas for some weeks. This afternoon, I went down to their place to assist. She thought they were just going out to dinner, while I was to watch over Kouryou-chan. After he semi-deftly redirected her "I don't know why you are so hot to go out, the weather's bad and we had a late lunch", and they drove away, Kouryou and I prepped the house a bit. As the guests arrived, I went out to pick up the snack trays and the cake, and then back again to set up all the stuff that I brought back, and the stuff that Elf had secreted away.

She was surprised and touched, and the party went well.

There was an ice-cream cake, and wines, and cheeses, and snacks, and 80s rock music, and dancing, and chatting, and a game of XXXenophile: The Card Game.

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