Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


At work, I have a new task to add a secure way to put remote network shell access into our deployed boxes. We can't just put a sshd on them, since they're behind random firewalls and NATs and also must not be just easily connectable. But I have some good ideas for how to do it, mainly because I designed this once for our last box before it got cancelled, and twice for the current box before the idea got shot down. This time I think it will actually get implemented.

Then a small reorg meeting. A new team, with me on it, focused on knocking down the deplyment problems. We've been doing that anyway, but now we are to be a bit more organized and purposed about it.

Then to Seattle, for a make-up piano lesson, since I couldn't on Wednesday, due to the "end to end review" meeting. The lesson was hard but productive. I wish I could have one everyday.

Then over to Leslie's, and we went out to dinner. Half the time we spent talking about nothing, and then talking about more serious stuff.

Then I went up to CapHill, and exercised my privileges as a Seattleite and enjoyed a drink at the Vivace, while doing some reading, and then doing some chatting with docorion.

After the Vivace closed (why can't I find a good comfy all-night cafe in Seattle, the lack of one is very odd) I went over to the Merc. It was surprisingly empty for a Friday evening, and Leslie was there. Which made me feel a bit awkward, tho it shouldn't have.

So as I was walking back to my car, for no reason, I wandered down to the Landmark theater, and saw that Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain had a midnight showing. They have several good movies coming up. So I bought a ticket, and watched.

What a fun fun wonderfully great movie. It's not really a good "date" movie, I think. It's the ultimate "bring someone you love to watch it together" movie.

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