Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

"Dangerous Visions"

Last night I finished reading the, ahem, "celebrated" Dangerous Visions. I could do up a story by story critique, or even better, a retrospective of the successes, failures, insights, and many many abject idiocies of "New Wave SF" as presented in this text, but they've all already been done. New Wave is now so old and so dated that people have published critiques of the critiques of the critiques of the era (which is something, oddly, that would make sense to the people portrayed in the "future" of New Wave, but would likely not made sense to most SF readers when this anthology was first published.)

However, I will make one observation. The young Harlan Ellison needed to learn to STFU. His forwards to each story exhibit severe logorrhea. I could have redpenned them down by a quarter without substantual changes, and cut them by half again without losing the points he was making.

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