Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

2004 Year in Review meme

First sentence of first (unlocked, nonmeme) post of every month, for your reading pleasure.

  1. So many people on my friends list have posted interesting or thoughtful New Years articles.
  2. Another 3 million people. Doing good. :)
  3. I didn't go to work yesterday, messaging in sick instead, and took the opportunity to "change phase" the "easy way".
  4. I took delivery on the replacement vehicle.
  5. Wherein I pop a personal cherry, and am only mildly annoyed.
  6. I missed last Wednesday (illness), and Friday and Monday (`cause Steve took MemDay Weekend off), so I'm coming back from a week break.
  7. elfs and I saw a mid-evening showing of Spider-Man 2.
  8. BiCamp 11, come and gone.
  9. Second day of running internal motivation
  10. From Apartment Therapy , The "Man Pillow".
  11. Yesterday, with the help of intrepid_reason and jezel, the very last bits of work got done on my old place, and much of the "moving in" got done at my new place.
  12. Plugging my sister jatg's work.

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