Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Another NetFlix last night, The Mummy. Harmless fun, with honest homages to the original Boris Karloff version. The next two waiting are "Vanilla Sky" and "American Beauty".

Kiddy had messed up her fur. Poor girl is getting stiff, and it's hard for her to keep herself clean. So she got a bath. She didn't like the water much, but she did like the warmth. And she seemed to enjoy being rolled up in warm dry towels, and then spent the rest of the night on her heating pad.

I tried to wash off the accumulated 800 miles of road spray, only to discover that the Kirkland car wash was out of soap, used cold water, and had no telephone number to call. Screw them. I will go back to using the one in Ballard/Greenwood that I usually use.

I picked up the amsu carcasses and paid for the autopsies. They had put the broken off pieces in a separate little bag. They looked to be just basic power caps, in special plastic jackets. Those damn parts "cost" $625. Each. I am really hoping that the new one arrives tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Worst case is Thursday. (IBM is shipping via 2nd Day.)

What do y'all suggest I used to carry it around, given that my eBag, as convenient as it is, does not seem to be suffiecently protective.

Todo still today. Pick up some scrips, do some CostCo shopping, piano practice, and read the first couple of chapters of Knuth. I'm going to be joining a weekly Knuth study group tomorrow evening. I'm not as smart as I used to be, so this is going to be a stretch, but a welcome one.

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