Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

New Years Day party

Yesterday afternoon I went to spend some socialization time at elfs's place. They were still recovering from their own late night out for NYE, so the house was pretty quiet, so conversational geekery, and quiet play with Kouryou-chan were in order.

We had our fish friday, even tho it was Saturday. It was halibut, prepared the way I watched my Dad cook his when I was down in Utah for xmas. It turned out very well.

Then preparations were made to go to the Metaphorest "dress up for the new year" party. I was already somewhat dressed up, in one of my nice matte black rayon buttonups, and I could pretend that having my hair standing straight up was intentional. Elf looked very snappy in a suit jacket and leather tie, Kouryou adorable in her pink princess gown, and Omaha stunning in a gorgous bright red party dress.

The party was great. It got very crowded, and again all the people were pretty, good-way geeky, and fun.

The TBK trio arrived, with their new puppy in tow. Yay!

Cloven fruit was passed, music was danced to, backs were rubbed, food was eaten, and good times were had.

And again, I left for home at about 4am.

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