Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

New Years Eve celebrations

This was one of the best NYE parties I've ever been to.

I picked up tonyawinter early in the evening, and then we went up to CapHill to pick up a friend of hers, and then over to krow's house to hook up with him and his housemates. Then back over to Eastside for some very good chinese at the Factoria Mall complex. And then 30 miles inland to North Bend.

The party there was amazing. I kept meeting people I almost knew, and played a lot of games of "where have we met? The Merc? The `Spot? The Haunted? NorWesCon? The Metaphorist?" I learned to play "party fruit", and met several really great and sexy people, who I am kicking myself for not having personal cards to give to. I dozed off on a huge pillow, and then at 4am, headed back west to Seattle.

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