Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Merry Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve Day was not as hectic for me as it was for my sister and mother. jatg and I went out shopping a bit, mostly for party food for the evening's party.

judyg called me, with the sad news that Alex's long decline had come to an end. J came home from a final exam, to find her not doing well, and held her in her lap until she started seizing, and then took her to Angel Memorial to end her pain.


The 70 mile drive down to the home of my sister wykurst was nice. Holiday tunes, four "kids" in the back, and dad driving. I felt asleep. After hauling 800+ miles, it was nice to sleep while someone else drove.

The family party was fun. wykurst is looking good, and her kids had a blast unwrapping some of their presents, and playing with their grandparents and all their aunts and uncles. We forgot to take a full family picture.

After the ride back up to wurtmann's home base, I quickly fell asleep in one of the guest beds, only to wake up again a short while ago, with the cobwebs of strange dreams in my head, and came downstairs to the network hub to futz around with my computer. Strange retro feeling, I am flashing back on being in my teens in this room at this desk, at these wee hours of the morning, to use PCTerm to BBS.

I just realized that my cat sitter did not call me Thursday evening. I will call her tomorrow (this) morning, Christmas Day or no, to make sure that
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