Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I am safely in Utah, and have been having fun today driving my mom wurtmann and my sister jatg around.

My poor Forester got a-SALT-ed by UDOT, due to last night's icky snowstorm. I need to run it thru a carwash before starting back.

Looking down the weather track, the storm tracked right down the interstate from Idaha. Twenty miles to the east or to the west, and I would have been fine. Grrr.

One very mildly amusing story. I stopped once for gas in Idaho, in a little teeny town who's name I couldn't remember, and MIGHT be able to find again only by backtracking my milage log against the map. It was literally a one road town, paralleling the interstate. The combo convience store / grocery store / diner / garage had old style gas pumps, that measured gas out in tenth of a gallon increments, and had clockwork dials that physically dial back to 000.00 when reset. The girl that took my money was was way too young to be looking at *me* that way. The two country boys in dickies who were buying gas in front of me gave me a weird look too, but not the same one. I guess they don't get many folk stopping for gas there.

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