Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

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Do do do do

Things done:
  • The oil has been changed in the Forester.
  • A detailed interstate road map has been obtained.
  • Driving munches have been purchased.
  • Stocking stuffers have been purchased.
  • The last load is in the dryer.
  • Cats have been Advantaged, fed, water, pilled, and hydrated.
  • All of the catsitter instructions have been written up, and notes posted up at important places in the apartment.

Still to do:
  • Wash last of dirty dishes.
  • Put away last of laundry.
  • Write out rent check for if I'm not back by the 1st.
  • PACK pack pack pack.
  • Print out pages of travelling laws from to put in the vault, just in case.
  • Backup the PDA.
  • SLEEP sleep sleep sleep.
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