Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My weekend


The event of the evening was kespernorth and chemicallace's party.

I made up a batch of Atwood Holiday Punch, substituting LemonLime TalkingRain for the Sprite, and the resulting 1/3rd drop in sugar content improved it a great deal. I had to park under the Pacific Center mall, and then walk the block and a half up to the 801 Pike building. Walking thru the mall with the big steel pot of punch was amusing. I put too much dry ice in and froze half of it solid. We chipped out the excess, let it steam on a plate in the kitchen (where it caused snow to fall out of the air in it's immediate vicinity), and put it over the oven vent to reliquefy.

The party was much fun. Good food, good stuff to drink (the punch was a hit), and fun people to hang out with.


The activity of the day was spending time with Tahlia, Beth, & Keith. They got along well with my cats (especially Keith). We 4 went out together to the monthly BiSocial, where I met someone who, when he was living in Hawaii, knew some people that I knew in Boston. (docorion, his name is Lee Lady, if that triggers any memories). Then we all went out for mexican food, and then back to my place to have fun with my weird catalogs (I love my weird catalogs), and then a viewing of the NetFlix DVD of A Beautiful Mind. What a fun fun story, tho very obviously a Ron Howard film. (Later that night, I googled on John Nash, and discovered that the movie had simplified away so much of his life, that it wasn't even just not right, it wasn't even wrong. And, of course, they completely botched the Nash Theorem).

Again, good time was had, with good people to be with.


The big activity of the day was to spend time with intrepid_reason. We were going to go to the monthly pool party at the Longhouse, but we got there too late (mainly because we needed to stop somewhere for breakfast, even tho it was several hours after noon). It was no problem tho. We just turned around, headed west into Seattle, and made an appointment at Tubs. We shopped at the University Village shopping complex, mainly at the B&N and at the Container Store. We chatted a bit with the clerk at the CS. Apparently, a few months ago, the crew of Clean Sweep had come thru, and bought several kilobux worth of organizing supplies, and Peter Walsh himself had been there.

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