Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Friday. Employer party at SFM

This last Friday evening was the company holiday party. It was surprisingly fun.

It was held at the new Science Fiction Museum. Paul Allen owns it, and he owns us, so there was probably a price break involved. The museum, contrary to my expectation, didn't suck. There was the expected media SF stuff, but it was pretty cool historical stuff, like the robots from the original "Lost in Space" and "Forbidden Planet", Buck Rogers ray gun from way back in the original old serials, and the cargo loader from "Aliens". There was also lots of written SF stuff, like the handwritten manuscript to The Baroque Cycle (The thing was HUGE, and the author even kept the empty FP cartridges), an old ditto machine at lots of old fan stuff got copied on, and lots of original editions of classic SF.

intrepid_reason graciously, and with very little advance notice, agreed to be my "& Guest", and she dressed fabulously.

The evening activity was also surprisingly fun. We were each given a little booket of SF trival questions, that had answers that could be discovered by touring the museum. Each correctly answered question page got stuffed into a drawing box for a prize.

My date and I were able to answer about half of them off the top of our head (being both SF geeks and SF fen), and the rest were not all that hard to get. Except for one, that consisted of being part of a party of at least four to sing karaoke. I did not, she did, and so she won a day and a night at a 350 buck a day high-end B&B up in Whistler BC.

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