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Crap crap crap

My laptop, amsu died on me Tuesday afternoon. Thus, no email, no USENET, no LJ, no Gaim. Just a few minutes ago, I yanked my personal password db out of my most recent backup (thus I can now at least LJ via the web interface).

One minute working fine, next minute, wont boot. No screen text, no nothing. The "on" light turns on, and the fan cycles back and forth between off and completely on. According to the IBM repair manual, the thing to do is to completely disassemble it, clean all the contacts, put it all back together, and try it. If it still doesnt work, take it apart AGAIN, and replace the main logic board (which is the single most expensive part of the system, given that it basically IS the computer).

Should I try doing it myself, should I have Seattle Laptop do it, should I get another T23 from eBay? (These are not rhetorical question, feel free to chime in).

I had a backup planned the day it died too. A coworker will be bringing in his T23 tomorrow, so I can swap the HDs and run the backup. (He was going to bring it in today, but he forgot.)

I hate this. A major part of my brain, my life, and my social communiation ability is invested in that device.

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