Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Bookshelves, and musings on my father's tools and leet mad skillz

I got some bookshelves.

After one of my shelving units got disintegrated in the move, and the need/desire to keep not quite so much stuff in boxes hidden under the coffee table, there was a need. I found the same brand/style as before, at OfficeMax, but after looking at the pricetag for particleboard and veneer, I rebelled.

jezel suggested Ballard Bookcase. Real wood, locally made. So today I went, and looked around. They have some lovely beautiful fine cabinetry grade stuff in maple and hardwood, but about half a zero more than I wanted to be paying, but also some functional simple sturdy white pine stuff. I couldn't help but hear my dad's voice in my head "I can make those, for a lot less than that."

And he would be right. If fact, with access to his tablesaw, with a cutting blade and with mitre blade, under his light supervision, *I* could make these shelves too, for just the cost of wood. However, he and his toolshop are in Utah, and I am here, and I need these shelves to continue unpacking.

Next summer, when I have some sunlight and ventilation, I'll take each of them, unload them one at time, touch them a bit with a vibrating sander, and wax them.

Location: Fremont Red Apple Market Building, using the wine bar's free WiFi

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