Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Oh my.

Cartoon Network so rocks. Mainly because they are self-aware and humorously ironic, without being bitter or oh-so-sophisticated.

Case in point: Power-Puff Girls Doujinshi

Most companies build around intellectual property and cursed with lawyers would have freaked out and dispatched cease and desist letter. CN, otoh, understands and realizes that fan art means fans, and encouraging fan art encourages fans, and encouraged fans mean enthusasitic and loyal viewers, which, for a video media company means, well, sheer survival.

Why are so many other companies so damn stupid on this issue? Case in point, Nintendo recently threatening to sue someone because they said in a public interview that one of the things they like to do to relax and unwind is, well, play Nintendo. One has to study for many years, getting MBAs and JDs, to reach those depths of sophisticated and self-destructive stupid.

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