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Mark Atwood
It just never ended...
My feet hurt.

U-Haul screwed up, of course. Every time I try U-Haul, it goes bad. No more last chances for them. But it wasn't a disaster, jezel was able to snag a truck from HomeDepot.

She and elfs and I were able to move all the "big stuff", furniture and things that wouldn't fit into the Forester, in only two loads. One small bit of excitement, one of the smaller bookcases managed to slip free of the retaining straps, and exploded into particle board chunks all over the road.

And then I did ten loads, no lie, of "stuff". It just never ended. The very last load was the cats.

Now the only things left at the old place are cleaning supplies, and the old peecee. To be dealt with tomorrow today after sunrise.
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gipsieee From: gipsieee Date: October 31st, 2004 08:01 pm (UTC) (Link)


I understand!
We just moved stuff up from my folk's house and rented a trailer from u-haul... all the stuff fit fine, but when we got home and opened it up we realized that it had leaked. Near as we can tell, there were three different points of entry for the water! One of them was a hole in the roof of the trailer that was readily apparent looking up from the inside of the trailer on an even remotely sunny day (unfortunately, the day we loaded the darn thing, it was raining and grey)
I'm glad you're almost all moved.
Hope you like the new place!
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