Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I have a headache


A new technical disaster at work. It's been flaring higher and hotter over the past few days. I'm sure it would be easy to solve, if me and one other guy where able to sit down together for a week of nobody and nothing else interrupting us, as we studied Linux 2.4 netfilter and iproute2 with respect to policy routing and specifically selecting the right interface on a weird hybrid multiple interfaces onto the same-but-not-really segment, until we grokked it in fullness. Then it would be a matter of writing about two dozen /sbin/iptable mark, /sbin/ip rule and /sbin/ip route commands, and it would Just Work. But noooo...

Tomorrow I start moving. I have to be at the new place from 8am to 10am for ComCast to hook up my new data connection. And so my new property manager leaves a message "Um, can we reschedule to Friday?". I call back, "No!" So the maintenance guy will be there at 9am instead. Sigh. I sense disaster, or at least colliding schedules.

Plus I do have to put in some appearance at work tomorrow, and again on Friday, despite already being at 40 hours for this week, and being over 40 hours ahead for the year.

A friend of mine got dumped today, via IM. How's that for a complete lack of class. I had to cancel a regular get-together with someone else I know, to give some aid and comfort to this friend. I hate canceling on people, but one just can't literally be in two places at once.

I watched the lunar eclipse this evening. Pretty darn cool. Watched the silver crescent shrink away as I was driving down Aurora Ave, and then looked at the deep scab-red moon while I was walking down from the restaurant in the U Dist.

And I'm back at work. I was just going to kick of a pair of compiles, but instead I have had to do a recheckout, and rebuild two link trees (which I'm still waiting for), before I can do a mkmc1 in each link tree and then go home.

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