Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


At work, starting to get back into the ucd-snmp merge that I was finishing off when the hostname failure problem seized the priority. I'm getting advanced warning that as soon as the ucd-snmp stuff is done, they will want me to do it *again*, to the very latest newest net-snmp. That will be... fun, the jump from ucd-snmp to net-snmp was pretty big, which is why the project maintainers renamed it.


I cancelled my Verizon POTS service today. And asked Broadvoice to move my VoIP phone over to an available Seattle exchange number. I gave up on wanting to LNP my existing phonenumber over. Not many people knew it or used it anyway.

I packed up my first box of books. 0.070m3, 40kg. Every time I move, it deeply offends me how much books weigh. My entire library should fit in my PDA, dammit.

I did actually throw some books away. They were so bad, I didn't even want to send them back to Twice Sold Tales. Two were crappy "relationship" guides, and one was an oh so very 1970s socio-linguistic tract on "Black English". Another book got tagged and registered for BookCrossing, mainly because I already owned a copy in hardback.


I did a Tubs soak this evening, with an aquantance, that I hope to look forward to getting to know more.

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