Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Model, again

I was a model again last night, for tonyawinter, for a show at Club Noc Noc. It was, again, a lot of fun, even tho it was a bit bumpy at the start (there was no announcment to the crowd that the show, a show, any show, was starting, so we were half way done before people started noticing and cheering. So we went around again, and this time got the cheers and catcalls that made it so much fun last time.

My makeup this time was a bit different, the lady who worked me over had a lot of fun with the black and white and silver, and did this magic where she made my eyes *pop* right out of dark sunken sockets. I'm not going to start painting myself, but it's much fun to play around with a pro doing it to me.

I got a couple of good pictures, of the outfit and of my face, but I just discovered a bug in my "file dated pictures in my personal journal" script, and deleted them. Crud.

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