Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Snippets and Events

At work, I finally got my test exerciser working, and was able to prove that gethostbyname_r is broken in the version of glibc that is in the software we are deploying right now (as well as the version we are pushing out right now). Strangely, this has caused a sense of relaxation in me. It's not something I broke, and not something I can be pushed into panic fixing. It's fixed in our tip-of-tree, and I can go into the branches of the deployed software and patch each of the halfdozen calls to that function. Part of the relaxation is, as the "hostname resolution failure" problem is rising up the corporate attention scale, it's looking more and more like there are about a half dozen different problems, each very different, and all but the one, are Other People's Problems.

Thursday evening was my regular monthly soak&grind, rescheduled from last Thursday. That's time I always enjoy. A good time was had, and a good talk was had.

The birthday present I mailed to judyg, I attached a tracking number to, and so was happy and gratified to see when it arrived. I called her last night and then again today to wish her happybirthday and to catch up on her doings. The present was a set of a pair of themed pictures, one set of her cat Alex, and the other from her visit to the Olympics.

I ran out of K/D, and so started working my way thru the kidney cat diet sampler that I picked up a while ago at Cats Exclusive, and discovered a better one, G/D. At least, the guys like it better, and gobble it down. So today I bought two cases of it.

My apartment managers are moving out. The building is just draining. With that it's down to 50%. I inked in my application for the apartment I picked out a few nights ago, and delivered it today and paid the deposit. Since it hadn't been snapped up in the last two weeks, I elected to dicker a bit. I couldn't get the rent down, but I did get the application fee waived. They called back about a half an hour ago, to let me know I had been approved. So I have a new apartment on the first of November.

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