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Mark Atwood
It's official, moving out
I just got the official notification, instead of just a maybe-it-will-happen advance rumor. My apt building is getting demolished to make way for "new townhome style homes".

(Update. I just realized that means I can do something like spraypaint my walls, and so forth. If I was the sort of person to do that, and had any good ideas for some templates and masks for said painting...)
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From: flying_pegasus Date: September 24th, 2004 04:30 am (UTC) (Link)

I agree Whole black room with

Fluoresces Glow N'Dark Stars....Black lighting. Small Square mirrors, they're mostly Candle holders to accent the light of the candles. If you put some mirrors on the wall as like embroidery, the black light will reflect and pronouces the room more in glowing effect.

That would be really awesome dude. Then if your really want be creative draw mushrooms on the wall....2004 Atwood open house stock, nothing but a veggy party. Put a big ol Peace sign spray painted on your front door.

Since you can get away with it, your the host...Dress up like Jimmy Hendricks.
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