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Mark Atwood

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Another day, another 30 crunches.

Third day at the gym, right after work.

Twenty minutes on the stationary bike while hitting my target of 121 bpm wasn't too bad, but when I got on the ab board, I couldn't do so much as one single situp. And I tried. Finally two particular muscles on the sides of my abs said "We may not be able to kill you, but we can make you wish you were dead, if you keep trying that." So I gave up, and did 3 times 10 upper crunches instead.

And I freely admit that a major motivation for all this effort is physical vanity. I started my fake `n bake sessions today, starting at 6 minutes. Hopefully about the time a drop a waist size, I'll also be not quite so dead-fish white.

This weekend, I think, will be shopping for a good bathroom scale and some sort of cheap easy to use heartrate monitor. Does such a thing exist? Any advice?

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