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Mark Atwood
Yesterday, the swirl
Yesterday, I left my workplace at 1pm, and came home, to run the experiment to see if I could focus and work from there, via the VPN. (I *was* going to stop and gym on the way, but discovered I had forgotten all my workout gear. Sigh.) The experiment was somewhat successful. Birki kept trying to "help".

After the daily status telecon, I shut amsu down and headed into Seattle, to run some errands. Picked up K/D and Revolution for the cats. (I'm more than a little embarrased that I need the Revolution. Where the *hell* are the fleas coming from, my cats are indoor only.)

Enjoyed a couple of truffles at Chocolati Café, then weekly piano lesson with Mr Henry. I'm doing very well on Becucci's Ingenuità Polka, so we added the Ingenuità Mazurka as well, for the upcoming student salon.

Then to intrepid_reason, to help her calm down and relax after being in a (relatively minor (nobody was badly hurt)) automobile accident. Been there, done that, know what she's going thru.

Then down to tonyawinter for another fitting. It's looking really good!

daikitsune is coming up for ConiFur. :)
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From: flying_pegasus Date: September 23rd, 2004 10:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Take two in trying to type to you, without errors.

Fleas- you never had them before. If you ever went over to a friends house that has pets. Most like from you. Fleas can hide in your hair, heavy over coats. You can go over a friends house and a pregnant flea can laid its eggs in your coat and then bam…You got baby fleas.

I use “Advantage” and don’t have a problem, once a month I do have to do a flea treatment on my rugs and do the beds of kids and I. To eliminate any infestation of fleas that might occur from petting others pets, that aren’t using Advantages….sometime bombing the house every 6 months works. I’m flea free so far, as long I keep the schedule up.
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