Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I need a better Third Place

I love the Vivace's drinks and free internet and location, but the hard linolium floor, retro-style formica tables, imported marble counters, huge flat windows, and overbearing stereo make for a hellish auditory environment.

The café across the street from Fred Meyer near 85th & Greenwood was nice, they had free internet, and a big comfy couch, but they closed too early, and now they're closed, and Greenwood is to far to just go.

The Chocolati Café is perfect, when I'm in Greenwood for my music lesson, but otherwise, again, Greenwood is too far.

The big chains, like Starbucks, SBC, and Tulleys, do a decent to good job on the physical space (comfy chairs, good acoustics) but they charge, and charge way too much, for internet access.

I want a place, preferrably in Cap Hill, that will provide me with a neutral environment, a good table, a comfy overstuffed chair, and cheap all-I-can-eat high speed wireless internet. Pluses are interesting or eyecandy fellow patrons, happy employees, public boardgames, and a free bookshelf.

I'm starting to see just what the "gentleman's clubs" of yesteryear were for.

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