Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 4. Chest, Abs, Biceps.

Last night, I set my alarm to wake me up early to go do pre-breakfast aerobics. I kept waking up thru the night, angry/pouty/dont-wanna. (It didn't help that Birki kept purr-snoring in my ear.) But when the beeper went off, I actually went.

Morning Weight: 211.0 lb
Elliptical Crosstrainer. 1 hr, 800 cal, 4.28 mile

I then did weight training this afternoon.

  1. Hammer Frame Press. 90lb x 15 x 3
  2. cycled with Reverse Crunch. 15 x 3
  3. Cybex Fly. 80lb x 15, 80lb x 7, 70lb x 10
  4. Plank. 25, 16, 15
  5. Incline Bench Crunch. 15 x 3
  6. Hammer Frame Curl. 60lb x 10, 70lb x 10 x 2
  7. Ball Crunch. 35lb x 25 x 4
  8. Standing Barbell Curl. 50lb x 10 x 3

I've also started my supps again, and tweaked it a bit based on some stuff I read in gymrats. 5mg creatine, before and now also after, and also adding 5mb of glutamine, before and after.

a ver lo que pasa.

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