Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Weekend: Sunday.

The second day of Foolscap. I enjoyed the "nanobites" luncheon, and then made my one con purchase, a copy of Neil stephenson's The Confusion: Volume Two of the Baroque Cycle.

I've only recently resumed working my way thru the first volume, Quicksilver. Not for it being slow reading, but because it masses over 1.5 kg, and is inconvient to carry around. But I recently got possession of a pirate copy of a Palm Reader copy, something I have no ethical qualms about so long as I own a legal hardcopy.

After chatting a bit with jezel, I decided to hit the Wet Spot's monthy pool party. I was social a bit, but spent most of the time free floating in the tepid water, just barely held up by a zoob tube, with just my face above the surface. (Without either an external aid, or my lungs completely inflated, I sink, not float.)

After getting home, I got a social voicecall from judyg. I always enjoy chatting with her. She's doing well, and so is her cat Alex.

I really must got to bed and go to sleep soon, to get up early tomorrow morning, to hit the crosstrainers before breakfast. I'm planning on being very hardcore about diet, aerobics, and weights for the next couple of weeks, in preparation for Gothique.

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