Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Weekend: Saturday. Foolscap

There was a little readercon that I've been going to for a few years, that was this weekend, Foolscap. Last year's GOH was Sergio Aragones. This year it was George R. R. Martin and Raven Mimura.

I've been seeing Raven floating around the local con scene and goth scene, and not known who he was, and also seen his classically trained realistic fantasy art in the current Dungeons and Dragons media, and not known it was him doing it. His speech and slide show were a lot of fun to attend.

The dragon skull fossil that Kim Graham was building at the con last year was on display, and she was working on another, even cooler looking one. Kouryou-chan and Yamarashi-chan were fascinated, both with the process, and the piece itself.

At one point in the evening I had amsu play the Duck Dodgers episode "The Fudd", to entertain the girls, and quickly had an audience of about a dozen people. Foolscap presents itself as specializing in "flat media", so I jokingly justified myself by pointing out that the LCD display was "flat".

The night was finished off with a round of UNO, with the Harry Potter deck, which has a couple of additional cards (draw three, howler (which makes the selected victim read off the cards in his hand), and cloak of invisibility (which blocks the howler)).

I drove Omaha home, and then decided I was not safe to drive back up to Kirkland, so I slept the night there.

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