Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

An idea for an LJ community

I'm having an idea for an LJ community. The challenge would be to take and post an "interesting" photograph regularly, preferrably every day.

There are lots of theme oriented photoblog LJ communities, like urban_decay, rural_ruin, deadmachinery, found_objects, kittypix, and naked_obsession.

There are also communities for more serious (or at least most skilled) photographers to post finer works.

But there is a certain discipline in having to do something on a fixed recurring schedule.

I'm also inspired by something my sister jatg said once. "It's easy to learn to draw. You pick up a pencil and piece of paper and draw a picture. Do that at least once a day, every day, every day, and in twenty years or so you will be able to draw."

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