Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 2. Legs.

Second day of running internal motivation. What I've found seems to work is to not think about going, just use the habit of standing up and walking out of work at the appointed time.

I've also discovered that I'm going faster. Without someone to waste time shooting the breeze with, I'm waiting the minumum rest time between sets, and getting done almost 10 minutes early. But still as wiped, so I'm not going to fill that time in with more exercises.

  1. Morning Weight: 211.0lb
  2. Elliptical Crosstrainer. 10min, 0.74 miles, 139cal
  3. Inverted Leg Press. 4x10, stepping up, maxing out at 405lb
  4. Nautilus Leg Extension. 4x10, stepping up, maxing out at 125lb
  5. Ball Cross Crunch. 50 per side. Ouch.
  6. Machine Leg Curl. 4x10x105lb
  7. Seated Calves Raise. 3x15x115lb
  8. Hip Adductor. 3x15x110lb
  9. cycled with Hip Abductor. 3x15x100lb

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