Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Tidbits of the weekend


I've been able to put in small but rewarding amounts of work on the IPTV project, and today it all worked. So after that was quietly announced, the CEO came by, and was rather impressed. The next big step will be to demo it to the MSO CEOs, which will be... interesting.

I was in the mood for some of my fish. So after checking with omahas, I headed south after work. When I got there, Kouryou-chan was there with tygereclipse, who was justly a bit suspicious of me, until Kouryou greeted me with one of her signature "Maaark!!!" screams and hugs.

A bit of Blues Clues later, and Omaha returned, and she and I went running some errands to arrange for some home repairs, details in her LJ.

Dinner was absolutely yummy. My first attempt at cooking halibut turned out well, and so easy too. Mix equal parts black pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice. Brush onto the thawed meat, wait 10 minutes, then broil 4 minutes per side.


Washed my mattress pad. Which is kind of a pain, since it's full of wires. Cold delicate, in a front loader, and then line dry. I washed it with the lovely painted quilt that jatg and wurtmann gave me a few years ago.

Got trimmed by Patrick Bear. Next time, I will get my bleach touched up.

I splurged and picked up a copy of Athens Dream. And a hot pink t-shirt from Hot Topic that says All My Black Shirts Are Dirty.

That evening I went to the party at the Metaphorist. What a fun house structure! It is so full of potential, in both the cynical and the idealist senses of the term. The party was fun, met lots of people I knew, lots of people I had met before, and met some new people.


My piano teacher's semiregular semimonthly salon was this afternoon. My piece was a waltz duet, with me playing the primo part and him playing the secondo part. It didn't sound half bad, only a few dropouts and errors on my part.

Later in the evening I went to kendaer weekly group movie. The movie was Hero. The trailers are shameful, I think. They make it sound like some sort of simplistic revenge fantasy with an implacable protaganist with "no fear". While I suppose that could be described as technically correct, it's so very wrong.

Instead it's a more like one of those "multiple points of view" stories, with characters telling and retelling stories of events leading up to the moment of NOW. And those tellings and retellings are built out of truth, lies, theories, and suppositions. It's deep, intricate, and sophisticated. And oh so very beautifully filmed. See it.

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