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Well, with a big push, the big end of year install at work got done. Ten systems in ten homes, so a whole bunch of us get paid. A lot of people at work ended up with a big chunk of their bonuses dependent on getting that done. Whee.

I wont get all of my bonus, because one of my four "goals" I didn't even get to, and one of them I was unsuccessful at. One of the others, I really should be working on right now.

I stayed up too last last night futzing around. If I'm going to stay up, I really should use that time to do something useful, like clean my apartment and wash the dishes. I really miss having a dishwasher.

I went to see Lord the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Wednesday night. It was going to be a "line party", but instead just turned out to be me and omahas, who is a hardcore Tolkien fan. I wasn't disappointed at all, because I don't do so well in really big groups, or even in not-so-big groups. And Omaha is really nice to hang out with.

It doesn't hurt a bit that she's drop dead gorgeous too. My "lust centers" start to sputter back to life, after... well, after.

She did say she things I'm a really cool guy. I never know how to take compliments, especially at the moment they are offered, and so my only self-recognized verbal sparring gift is "deflect and divert". But I choose now (too late) to feel good about it. And hope that "cool guy" isn't the same thing is "nice guy".

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