Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Last trainer session. Shoulders, Back, Triceps

I've used up all my trainer sessions, and have not bought more. Next time, I will be "on my own".

Did my measurements. My pinch measurements are the best they've been, but my sizes have all dropped a bit. Probably I lost my "creatine pump", I've been off the stuff for over a month.

  1. Ellipical Crosstrainer.
  2. Seated Machine Row. Started at my max, then went up on the second set, and failed the last rep of the last set.
  3. Assisted Pull-up. Failed half way into the first set, I had started to fast and had cooked my back doing the row. Dropped weight, and finished the sets.
  4. cycled with Assisted Dip. Likewise had to drop a bit of weight.
  5. Nautilus Shoulder Press. Started at my previous max. The first set felt light, so went up a level, and started failing halfway thru the last set. Had to drop a lot. Shoulders wear out fast, I guess.
  6. cycled with Nautilus Shoulder Raise.
  7. Low Back.
  8. Tricep Pulldown. New record!

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