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Mark Atwood
Gym. Legs.
I had been afraid that taking four weeks off would cost me.

It didn't.

I had been doing sets of 10, today I did mostly sets of 15, at my old max weight records.

  1. Eliptical Crosstrainer. 600s, 1.14 miles.
  2. Leg Press. 4 sets. 270lb, 360lb, 405lb, 405lb. 15 reps each.
  3. Leg Extension. 3x15, 205lb
  4. Leg Curl. 3x10, 120lb
  5. Seated Calves. 3x10 100lb
  6. Hip Abductor. 100lb, 50 reps
  7. Hip Adductor. 100lb, 30 reps (I was being silly with these last two).

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puzzld1 From: puzzld1 Date: August 25th, 2004 11:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Go YOU! I haven't been able to train all week because of this cursed fever-going stir crazy!

I will have to live vicaraously through your butchness.
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