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Mark Atwood
Jeep Cherokee, who wants it?
I have a 1991 Jeep Cherokee that I will just about give away. It runs, but it needs the master brake cylinder replaced (thus its not very safe at the moment), and some assorted engine work. The vehicle is worthless if one has to pay shop rates for a autp mechanic, but could be a good deal as a fixer-uper for someone who can do the work themselves.

According to Kelly and Edmunds, it would be worth about fifteen hundred bucks after it's fixed and cleaned up. I would have to pay fifty bucks to give it to wa wrecking yard. The "donate to a charity" is tax paperwork I'd rather not do.

Give me a nice franklin and I'll sign it over to you.
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tonyawinter From: tonyawinter Date: August 21st, 2004 10:53 pm (UTC) (Link)

More details please?

Sounds like something I could use. I bought a small car, so I'll need something to haul things in when I start to remodel the bathroom and etc.

So, what is the 'assorted engine work' you are talking about? I want to call my mechanic and see how much he'd charge me to fix it. [He does work for me for SUPER cheap.]
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