Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Will it work?

So, I've joined a gym. 24 Hour Fitness of Kirkland. I picked them mainly because they are on the way between home and work, and my employer has one of those corporate employee plans with them. They have a similar deal with Gold's, but I'm not willing to patronize a Gold's, in large part because they patronize guys like me.

I walked in Friday night, told the desk clerk I was interested, and started the process. It's an awful lot like buying car. Keep in mind that they are selling something, they're not really your best friend, and all prices are negotiable. At least I didn't have to deal with a "lot manager", or with a "finance guy", or haggle over my trade in.

Anyway, I signed up for more than the gym membership. I signed up for a personal trainer. Not because they talked me into it, it was something I decided before I walked in. I have a music teacher because he makes it easier to learn than if I was just trying to learn on my own, it makes sense that learning to exercise would work the same way.

Every trainer they had on staff that night introduced themselves, but the one I picked, who's name I forget right now, I chose because he was the oldest, about my age. It may be age discrimination on my part, but I wasn't quite willing work on such a close basis with some early 20s kid who's life experience consisted of high school sports and an associates degree in Sports Fitness. So instead I picked the part-time cop with a family and a life, who promised me that I was going to be sore.

I've belonged to a gym before, but never could stick to it for more than a few months. And it was always frustrating to work out because I could tell I was doing things wrong, but couldn't tell what. The money I laid out for this guy's time will be motivating, and I am trusting in his skills.

A trainer is not terribly cheap, and that shouldn't be very surprising. As technology makes manufactured goods get less and less expensive, the only thing that remains valuable is focused human attention. Like a mechanic, a plumber, a piano teacher, or a physical trainer. They all cost about the same, per hour.

So, I'll probably start logging my weight and strength here in my LJ. Let's see what I can make happen in a year.

Wish me luck.

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