Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

"Well, I'm back."

Friday evening, we got back to the dock right at the deadline to get our last load, including pheonix_jade's 131lb'er, in to be fillet'ed, packed, and frozen. We then packed, such as it was, given that we all were leaving behind most of what we had luggaged up. I decided to roll up and bring back my raingear, at it wasn't all that disposably cheap.

Saturday morning, we got up at the crack of dawn, so as to be on the charter ferry back to Juneau. The water ride back up, along and around Admiralty Island, was as bright and beautiful as the ride in last week, tho a little slower given the eight tons of 150 boxes of frozen fish carefully stacked on the deck. The flight from JNU to SEA got off a bit late, and got farther behind schedule despite the clear sky, probably due to the load it was carrying.

I helped my dad and brothers get situated for the next leg of their trip home, finding the single Delta gate, which was, of course, at the farthest possible other end of the airport, thru the construction. It looked like maybe B was going to stay in Seattle another day, but then they all 3 got seats.

elfs graciously came and picked me up. We dumped my 140lb load into my new lil freezer which has been waiting in their garage. I spent much of the rest of the evening playing with the girls, and then we all enjoyed a baked salmon dinner. Yummy. We will have lots of opportunities to tweak and improve recipes for the stuff.

When the sitter came over, and elfs and omahas went out for a date, I went home to my cats, who were *very* glad to see me. After a few hours of getting caught up and chatting online, I dozed off, when them snuggled in closely.

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