Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Phone Post: Doc Warners Fishing Camp

310K 1:28
“Well its been another day here at Doc Warners fishing camp.
I think we've been slowing down a little bit, we didn't go out fishing before breakfast, and we didn't go out fishing again after dinner. I think in part we went out last night after dinner and got totally, totally skunked. I think we pulled one rock fish up, I got a few bites and didn't pull anything up. Today we maxed out on Halibut, you can catch two per day on the sports fishing licenses we got and that’s what we pulled in. I pulled in the largest one of us, that was kind of cool. Also, we pulled in lots more of those ugly spinney rock fish, got pictures of those ugly, spinney, disgusting things. That’s a tractor going by. (tractor noises) I've been going around getting lots of pictures of Doc Warners Camp. Turns out they have an internet connection here Star Band, aww its just so painful its fast but the turn around time is so bad. I didn't bring any of my passwords or anything, so I was able to browse my LJ but only people's public posts and didn't get to do any replies or anything. But that's alright. I don't need that much, that much internet access I guess. Anyway I'll check in again when there is more news, talk to you later.”

Transcribed by: tonyawinter

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