Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Phone Post: It worked!

269K 1:15
“Ah, it worked I tried making a phone post when I was in Massachusetts and it didn't work. I tried using the same number and it didn't work but I tried this Anaheim access number and it worked, strange. Anyway in another couple of hours I'm going to be headed south to get dropped off at the airport by a friend and spend a week in Alaska with my bothers and my father. This is, as I've told people this is either going to be a lot of fun or a disaster of unmitigated perportions. My father brothers and I have not spent a week in each others company since I moved out of my parents house almost 15 years ago and even back then when we where all living together we didn't spend a week constantly in each others company. So we will see how this goes. It could be fun. I'm holding out for fun. Anyway, now that I know that this works I'm going to dial this into my cell phone and I may make future posts through the week since I'm not going to be bringing my laptop up to the great white north. Anyway, talk to y'all later.”

Transcribed by: tonyawinter
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