Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Fishing clothes

Been an interesting experience, going thru my closet.

I meet up with my father and my brothers in Alaska tomorrow, to spend a week fishing at Doc Warners (who happens to be a neighbor of my parents). My youngest brother, pheonix_jade, worked there as staff for one season, I'm sure it will be interesting for him to re-experience it as a guest.

But, back to why I'm going thru my closet. At the end of the week, all of my clothes will permanently reek of fish goo. And all my checked luggage allowance for the return will be occupied by the coolers of fish. So the wise course of action is to abandon nearly everything brought "in place". Fortunately, there are a couple of jeans that are old and almost worn out, that I didn't fit in for a while, but now fit comfortable in again. Those, plus half a dozen free spif t-shirts for computer products, and other assorted fits-but-dont-wear-anymore, and some boots, socks, and gloves bought just for the trip, and I'm all set.

The only black clothes will be what I wear on the plane, to wear back again. It will be a little... weird, to wear blue jeans and white t's, for a week.

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