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Mark Atwood
Work is grinding grinding grinding. The project du jour consists in part of multicasting SDTV and HDTV MPEG streams over IP out of a magic box plugged into our in-building cable headend (just one of the things you have when you build boxes for the CATV industry), to be received by new software in our box, and then handled like any other media stream. No coax. We're even running other lower bandwidth multicast apps inside our building's ethernet, that work Just Fine. But this, sometimes it work, and sometimes it doesn't. It's giving our switches fits, and that's something we didn't count on at all. And, of course, while the IT guys are doing their best to support us, they are massively understaffed and overworked. (Who's *brilliant* idea was it to cut our IT staff from a dozen to three, slap down a hiring freeze, and then greenlight lots of funky weird network-centric projects?)

I'm glad I get to stop thinking about it again for a week this coming Sunday, but I so want this to work.

I was hoping/planning on going to the Grind tonight, but I'm going to be working into the evening instead.
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