Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Doctor Visit

Went to see Dr Travis this morning. I go for years and years without a visit to a GP, and now, in the last few years, I've gone half a dozen times. Learned that he's moving to a new clinic in Fremont, not far from the Lenin statue, and so I decided to "follow" him, and filled out the paperwork authorizing the creation of the paperwork to enable the transfer of my paperwork. (Heh.)

Then he poked and prodded at my gut, looked at the sides of my eyes, and ordered an ultrasound and bloodwork, and we talked about some possible causes. The nurse took my blood right then, but I couldnt get an appointment for the ultrasound until the 16th, the Monday after I get back from Alaska.

While he was poking, I really couldn't tell if it hurt or not. Certainly it didnt like it did when Vidar was working me over on his massage table this weekend, which is what prompted this whole little excursion. Maybe he hit my gallbladder instead of my liver.
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