Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Finished packing and such last night and this morning. amsu is backing itself up right now (fortunately, I can ssh into it when I bring it to work). But unless the backlight magically starts working again sometime in the next handful of hours, I'm going to be offline until *next* Wednesday.

I will be keeping my personal journal using ink and paper for the week, and will digest it into a trip report upon my return. Plus, I've got half a GB of compactflash space, so my camera is unlikely to overflow.

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    Project 365, Day 21: Bowling Originally uploaded by FallenPegasus

  • Bowling Score

    Best bowling score ever so far. 144.

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    More followup on the saga of the bowling ball. I took my ball back to Imperial Lanes today, to talk to the manager. Between him, the machine…

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