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Reasons to be grumpy

I'm going to Boston tomorrow, and things are still unsettled for me there.

In addition, I'm going to have to deal with the "party of freedom"'s random stop and search security theater and public transport gestapo when I get there.

My laptop is borked, and so will not be going with me. Fixing it is going to be not cheap anyway.

Saturday morning while sanitizing the countertops, I let a line of dilute Simple Green soak into my jeans right across the front. Sunday, that line was a little bit tender. This evening,... It was... unpleasent... peeling off my pants. Right now, every single hair follicle in the affected reason is a pinhead weeping blister. Ouch ouch ouch.

I still have to pack.

And write up the notes for the cat sitter.

Some people I care about were royally screwed by a stupid judge today. I never had much confidence in the leg and exec branches, and even less in law enforcement, but there was always the foolish hope that judges would do the Right Thing when it's spelled out for them. Not.

Work has been hell. Boxes that were supposed to Just Work had been misconfigured in annoying and undocumented and not easily diagnosable or fixable ways by people who had just left town. The fact that I got the info I needed last week, yesterday, means that I'll be leaving with just barely a start done. I was hoping for a nice measured pace of work on this project.

I'm supposed to be, this evening, discussing getting money owed to me paid back, and it started off with a request to borrow more money.

Plus, on top of it all, I feel like I'm full of peanuts. I had said "fuck it" to my diet last night, and bought a loaf of bread to enjoy. Surely they didn't...

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