Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Why did I post two memes in a row? Because I'm slogging thru a chore on my computer, and I don't have the focus to just do it `till it's done. Specifically, I'm entering accumulated receipts into my CBB database. And when that's done, I will process a pile of bills and cut a matching pile of checks. Yes, checks. Paper and ink.

I work with computers and the `net enough, that I just dont trust "online bill payment" and "auto withdrawal". I've seen enough companies screw up their billing enough times, that I prefer to write out physical checks, and drop them in the postal mail. If someone screws up and takes out too much money, they have no motivation to fix it. But, if I can withhold payment, then they are motivated to make it right.

All the laundry got processed today. Including the rugs. Carpets vacuumed, and floors scrubbed. (Simple Green in the kitchen, bleach in the bathroom, and Natures Miracle in the closet where the litter boxes go.)

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