Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

It's been too damn hot and bright, all day. I wore my shade lens covers (which you can see in my icon picture, and the bright sunlight leaking around the edges was still painful).

I got my hair cut by Patrick. It's always an exceptionally cool experience. He doesn't use scissors or an electric trimmer, just a straight edged razor for carefully placed "hacks". All while his assistant sat on the `net connected front desk computer and tried to find him another boyfriend, or at least a date for the night.

One of the tasks of the day is laundry. And I've run out of quarters. So I went up to the local co-op laundromat, but they don't let you make change unless you are a customer. So I did a single load of wash there, while running two twenties thru their change machine. And sat and entered receipts into the financial records files in amsu, while politely fending off the slightly desperate for attention conversational attempts of some retired postal worker.

It was so hot in my apt, that I let the cats out, under supervision. Birki loves getting out onto the concrete walk, and then the little nutjob rolls onto her back and starts flipping around like she's having a seizure, and then hunkers down on the lawn and munches grass like a little cow. Kiddie just likes to explore, back and forth, always pushing the boundary. She knows right where they are too, she always stops and looks over her shoulder at me, before walking over the line.

Likewise, I didn't spend much time inside, due to the heat. I sat outside, laptop in lap, entering receipts, and wishing for an enclosed yard, and an absence of the main road I live on.

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